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Welcome! This site is dedicated to following my weather interest, along with featuring some seasonal photos from around Etters. The real weather data is found from the links below.  The weather station is on Weather Underground, and can be seen by clicking on the blue weather icon below. 
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Etters a mostly rural area in York County, is located across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania State Capital.  As early as 1838 a post office was established at Henry Etter's tavern.  Henry Etter became the first post master.  It is believed this is where the post office, located in Goldsboro, got its name.  (Information obtained from Goldsboro post office documents.)
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Outlook -


Showers, and a few thunderstorms, are now showing up in the forecasts for Wednesday and possibly daily through Saturday.  Looks nice right now after that.  Dewpoints have been higher than anticipated a few days ago, and less sun.  Not looking like much sun through Saturday either.

As typical none of the weather vendors I checked about 3:30 Wednesday had a handle on the approaching rain.  Several had posted Nowcast, a short term forecast from the NWS that is issued when conditions are to change.  That included Weather Underground, Weather Bug, the NWS, and WeatherForYou.   Most anticipated the rain later than it showed up, starting here about 4 PM.  Most of those with hourly forecasts did not have much chance of any rain.  Intellicast and The Weather Channel (related to each other) did better, showing high POP about an hour after it actually started.  The biggest value to forecasts is for the next hour, and none seen to be able to do well with that.  Realize computer generated, and too many areas to have people update them when conditions change, but you would think with the programs such as Sky Motion predicting when rain will start for small areas that they could incorporate this information automatically into their forecasts.  I mentioned this to one vendor, and they answered my other comments, but ignored this one.

Looking ahead into September some models showing becoming quite chilly the second half. Will be interesting to see how this works out.  Hoping not...

August - 

  We start with an average high of 85 degrees, and drop to 81 degrees by the end.   Our warmest average month is over already...

  It has been as warm as 104 in 1918, and as cold as 45 in 1976.   

  Average rainfall is 3.24".  The highest amount for the month was 10.6" in 1933, and the driest was 0.53" in 1995.

Looking back at July - 

  Temperatures were normal, with the average of the high and low coming in at only 0.1 degree above average.  The average high was 85.3,  the average low was 66.6.  

  Highest temperatures were 94 on the 2nd and 23rd. The lowest was 56 on the 25th and the 30th.  These were both about 3 degrees warmer than June.  Only one heat wave, the 1-3rd.  

   Heating degree days were 0, for the season 0.  The new season started this month.

   Cooling degree days were 12 above average, at 350.  This brought the season total to 657, 41 above average.

  Rain was slightly below normal by 0.27", total of 4.34".  Greatest 24 hour rainfall of 1.60" was on the 27-28th.  Information from the NWS Harrisburg preliminary monthly data.


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Summer in the country!

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