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Welcome! This site is dedicated to following my weather interest, along with featuring some photos from around Etters. The station data is on Weather Underground, also found on PWS weather.
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Etters a mostly rural area in York County, is located across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania State Capital.  As early as 1838 a post office was established at Henry Etter's tavern.  Henry Etter became the first post master.  It is believed this is where the post office, located in Goldsboro, got its name.  (Information obtained from Goldsboro post office documents.)

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Outlook -


Already July, another month...  Weather wise a mix of sun and clouds, looking mostly dry except maybe the 4th.  Grass is looking good again, and of course growing more than it needs too!

All links working again, will be working on a new webcam one of these days, as time permits.

Looking at June -

June starts out at 77 degrees for the average high, and rises 7 degrees to 84 degrees by the end of the month. The average low starts at 57, and rises 7 degrees to 64 by the end. The record high is 100, the record low is 40.   

Average precipitation is 3.99". The wettest June was 18.55" in 1972, Hurricane Agnes.

Hard to believe this is the last month that temperatures continue to rise the whole month. July rises for most of the month, but starts to decline again before the month is over. 

Looking back at May - 

One of the top 3 warmest Mays, with the average of the high and low coming in at 6.8 degrees above average! The average high was 79.9, the average low was 57.9. 

The highest temperature was 90 on the 31st. The lowest was 46 on the 3rd, and again on the 14th. 

Heating degree days were 45, 103 below average.  For the season 5,587, 336 above average.

Cooling degree days were 174, 116 above normal.  

Precipitation was -0.27" below the average of 3.79", at 3.52".  Greatest 24 hour amount was 1.04" on the 31st.  Time of year when rain is spotty, received less than that here, only 0.8 miles from HIA.  

There were 4 clear days again, and only 5 cloudy days, half of the amount in April. 

Information from the NWS Harrisburg preliminary monthly data.

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The crops are coming up again!