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Welcome! This site is dedicated to following my weather interest, along with featuring some photos from around Etters. The station data is on Weather Underground, also found on PWS weather.

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Etters a mostly rural area in York County, is across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania State Capital.  As early as 1838 a post office was established at Henry Etter's tavern.  Henry Etter became the first post master.  It is believed this is where the post office, located in Goldsboro, got its name.  (Information from Goldsboro post office documents.)

Outlook -

2/18/2017 - Saturday

Month going by fast, missed some updates along the way. Running about 25-30 degrees above normal this weekend! Some cooler but still mild this next week. Looks dry until at least the end of the week. Looking ahead the last week of February not as nice, but still not too bad, above normal with no sign of snow. 

Looking at February-  

Temperatures start to rise this month. They start out at 38 degrees for the average high, rise 7 degrees to 45 by the end of the month. The average low starts at 23, and rises 4 degrees to 27 by the end of the month. 

The record high is 78, in 1997.  The record low is -13 degrees, in 1899. Don't need to break that one... 

The average precipitation is 2.88", average snowfall is 10.8", one more inch than January. The snowiest one had 30.3", in 1893. Snowiest day was the 11th in 1983 with 24".

The wettest February had 5.93" of rain, also 1893.


Looking back at January- 

January temperatures were well above average, with the average of the highs and lows being 6.0 degrees above average, at 35.9. The average high was 42.1, the average low was 29.7 degrees.

The highest temperature was 65, occurring on the 12th. The lowest temperature was 13 degrees on the 9th. 

Heating degree days were 896, 192 below average, and 1 less than December!  Total for the season is 2,579, 510 less than average..  

Rainfall at HIA was 0.25" below average, at 2.63". The greatest amount was 0.92" on the 23th.

Snowfall was 1.1".  It appears that the year with the least snowfall since 1980 was the winter of 1994-1995 with only 9" for the season.

There was no clear days, and 16 cloudy days. No wonder it seemed so dreary! 

Information from the NWS Harrisburg preliminary monthly data.


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Wow!  This looks cold!
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