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Welcome! This site is dedicated to following my weather interest, along with featuring some seasonal photos from around Etters. The real weather data is found from the links below.  The weather station is on Weather Underground, and can be seen by clicking on the blue weather icon below. 
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Etters a mostly rural area in York County, is located across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania State Capital.  As early as 1838 a post office was established at Henry Etter's tavern.  Henry Etter became the first post master.  It is believed this is where the post office, located in Goldsboro, got its name.  (Information obtained from Goldsboro post office documents.)

Outlook -


Looks like thunderstorms later today (Sunday) could be our only hope of any rain this coming week.  After today odds less than 50%.  Lets hope good rain, not severe storms.  Brown grass not good...

And whatever happened to the hot summers?  We normally have 21 days 90 or above.  Last summer only 16, this year, now over halfway through summer, only 8 days 90 or above.  The 

outlook does not see any heat waves right now, and saw on TV that some cities will have their coldest July in history.

The normal high has dropped from 86 to 85, so here comes fall and winter down the road, again...

July - 

  We start with an average high of 85 degrees (8 above beginning of June), and end up at 85 degrees (same as the end of June).  It rises to 86 on the 5th through the 23rd.  This means that we start our slide back to winter on the 24th...already?  Seems like it just got warm.

  It has been as warm as 107 in 1966, and as cold as 49 in 1945.   

  Average rainfall is .78" less than June, at 3.21". 

Looking back at June - 

  Temperatures were slightly above normal, with the average of the high and low coming in at 1. 4 degrees above average.  The average high was 82.3,  the average low was 63.5.  

  Highest temperatures were 91 on the 17th and18th. The lowest was 54 on the 1st.  These were both about 10 degrees higher than May.

   Heating degree days were 1, 17 less than than average. For the season, 5,726 HDD, 457 more than average.

  Cooling degree days were 34 above average, at 247.  This brought the season to 307 CDD, 29 above average.

  Rain was slightly above normal by 0.18" at 3.78".  Greatest one day was on the 10th at .84".


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Summer in the country!

The curious cow...

After the storm...